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Il 5xmille a Fondazione V...

In the statement PIT eight per thousand can give it to whoever you want, but for your FIVE THOUSAND choose Villa Maraini Foundation Onlus. TAX CODE Villa Maraini Foundation o.n.l.u.s. – 9 7 0 6 4 1 1 0 5 8 4 Can you ...

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Our Services


On the 1976, provides an initial response to anyone who asks for help for a drug problem.

The HIV Unit

It offers medical and psychological support to drug users infected with HIV / AIDS

Alternative to Detention Center

It carries out a program aimed at people with addiction disorder in Detention.

The Street Unit

Brings his reception in places at risk, ie squares, acting as a point of reference ...

Training Centre

It is an observatory of information and training on drug addiction ...

The semi Community

Structure for the recovery, to therapy and rehabilitation of drug addicts and alcoholics

Centro Night

Was created to house the homeless drug addicts.

Prison Project

It manages a set of activities and interventions aimed reception, guidance and counseling

Guidance Centre

It is spread through a path that starts from the analysis of user needs ...



Aimed at people with problematic use of substances of abuse, which is intended to overcome the detoxification phase in a therapeutic environment protected.

First Reception Centre

The goal of providing an immediate response to drug addicts

Service Families

Help the family to become aware of the problem and discover, internally, useful resources to support the addict and the family in trouble.

Cooperative Work

Opera, sin dal 1980, in the field of re-employment of persons from difficult situations.


The initial purpose was to provide assistance, with a telephone help-line, those living problems of drug addiction and AIDS.

The Unit Emergency

Protect the physical well-being by reducing the risk of illness and death associated with the use of substances.

Prevention Unit and School

Making prevention, spreading mainly among Young people are apt, a greater awareness of the risks associated with the use of legal and illegal substances, that undermine the health.



Villa Maraini

The Villa Maraini Foundation, natural evolution of the therapeutic community founded in Villa Maraini 1976 by Massimo Barra, as part of the Italian Red Cross, consists of a set of facilities and services for the care and rehabilitation of drug addiction extremely articulated and differentiated.
The differentiation, that has been built in over 38 years in business, is an ongoing process and development opportunities open in multiple directions, place that the goal is, and has always been, find valuable tools for therapeutic intervention, adapting as quickly as possible to the evolution of the drug phenomenon in everyday life.

The philosophy of intervention.
"There addiction as objective reality and unchanging: There are so many drug addicts, each different from the other and also from itself a function of time that passes.
Giving a single therapeutic response forces the subject to adapt to an intervention not necessarily appropriate to its dependence, with a high risk of neglect or failure.

And 'therapy that must adapt to the subject and not vice versa. Hence the need for a wide range of opportunities to offer the addict, after making a correct diagnosis of his condition. Villa Maraini in many years has never refused anyone, convinced that if the addict who wants to stop is sick, what you want is not yet sick twice and requires a surplus of attention". Massimo Barra

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